Efficacy and Yield Trials

GLP Residue Trials

Diamond Ag Research can conduct regulated trials to test for agronomic performance, protein expression, commodity composition, and bulk production of regulated crops. We are experienced with all phases of APHIS and EPA compliance of regulated trials. 

Diamond Ag Research is your EPA Regions V and VIII partner for conducting GLP field trials in compliance with EPA's Good Laboratory Practice Standards. We have conducted a wide range of Residue trials including: RAC, Residue Decline, Processing and Terrestrial Dissipation. Diamond Ag Research hires an independent Quality Assurance Auditor and maintains a full set of GLP compliant SOP's.

We use the latest computer programs and technologies to insure timely and accurate data for our clients.

At Diamond Ag Research we strive to meet the needs of our clients by day to day management of trials and keeping you updated on the progress. If you have some specific or atypical needs for your trials, big or small, contact us and let us see if we can meet your needs.

Biotechnology: Seed and Research Development​

"Providing quality field research for each client."

On our farm in Pawnee County we have 77 acres with 12 zones which can be watered independently to achieve different soil moisture regimes. We also have center-pivot sprinkler irrigation at  this site. At our farm in Stafford County we have another 62 acres available under a center pivot sprinkler. We can use surface drip irrigation at either site for customized irrigation requirements.

Diamond Ag Research has experience conducting herbicide tolerant and weed control trials, and we have access to a full range of soil types. We can artificially infest for insects and diseases to insure pest pressure. We can work with you to develop the protocol to obtain the best information from trials on our sites.